TWO MINUTE STORIES: Confessions. Revelations. Groundings. Wander through these tiny tales to find your feet, laugh, see something new, have a new idea. THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD comes from the poet Tony Mares who said ”When the poem stops, you should go through the windshield”. It is a brief step into your skin, into the natural world, and feelings and thoughts that take you on small road trip through our times. Hit FOLLOW and you will be notified when new podcasts become available. To RETURN to my website go to

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Monday Oct 31, 2022

We all find different ways to rest our minds.  This is small poem about finding our way into a quiet place.

Monday May 23, 2022

Me and a raccoon and the moon.

Monday May 23, 2022

A short meditation on a Great Grey Heron taking flight over the estuary.

Tuesday Mar 29, 2022

Take a few steps outside with me on a mini road trip, my first following months of lockdown.  Share the sense of expansiveness and life that I encounter both outside and within myself

Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

During the second year of the global pandemic, a consideration of how we are branded and stamped by the experience.  From my third book TAKEN HOSTAGE.

Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

Three line poem. Ten syllables each line.  Moon walking if you like.  I like making TENS, sometimes it is a good way to get my writing juices going.  This is from my second book Tender Footprints on the Central Coast.

Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

Rain brings us close to our purest senses and this poem follows that path into an experience of connecting with the outer and inner world at the same time.

Tuesday Feb 15, 2022

The elusiveness of finding a poem.  In this piece, I imagine it has fallen from the night sky and I respond accordingly.

Sunday Feb 06, 2022

Imagine driving along and seeing a field of sprinklers start up all at once.  See the clouds and the fleeting sounds and moments held therein.  It is both a short and a long trip.

Saturday Jan 22, 2022

Navigating a new world in the Spring of 2020.

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